Hoooooooowdy all! Worgen joke – ahem…

I’ve poked my head out of the Firelands to share a nifty tidbit for you Power Auras users. For those unfamiliar with Power Auras it’s an addon that allows you to customize your cool downs, procs, and burst abilities with small icons, sounds and timers. For example, on my UI a small green circle on the ground if my serpent sting is not up or has fallen off.

I won’t go into the ins & outs of setting up Power Auras since there are plenty of blogs who have done this. I will touch base on one of the special options Power Auras feature: customized sound – more specifically in-game sounds. World of Warcraft has sound effects that cover every corner of it’s world. Whether it’s a spell effect, your own character talking or a gurgling MurlocĀ  you can use these sounds along with your Power Auras.