Here is a list of Addons  I use to help enhance my Warcraft experience. I’m not saying that EVERYONE should use the same addons, but there are some you shouldn’t raid without.  My preference is to be as addon-lite as possible, so if you have any questions  feel free to ask. Most, if not all,  of these can be downloaded via

Main Addons:

  • Button Forge – customize extra bars/buttons
  • Hunter Focus Bar
  • Move Anything – UI customization
  • Kharthus’ Hunter Timers – hunter timer bars
  • Omni CC – skill cooldown timer
  • Power Auras
  • Raid Comp – which buff you are missing from a raid
  • Skada – dps/damage meters
  • Titan Panel
  • Deadly Boss Mods – raid/dungeon/battleground alerts & timers

Auction Addons:

  • Auctionator – sleek & simpler version of Auctioneer
  • Mail Get – gets all your mail for you with 1 click

Misc. Addons:

  • NPC Scan – helpful in locating rare spawns
  • Archy – archeology addon
  • Fishing Buddy – fishing addon

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