War Stories

Queue up for Random Dungeon, wait 8 min, select ready, boom – Heroic Violet Hold. Sweet. Buffs go out, select Tank and make him the focus target for Misdirect. Before we start the run there is a request.

Mage: Hey can we do Dehydration? It’s the only one I have left for Glory of the Hero.

Wulf: Sure, it’s easy enough. Just hope that boss is chosen.

Mage: Yep.

Event starts. After second portal opens, healer hits the wall sconce. Pink lighting fills the room.

Wulf: Don’t do that.

Healer: ?

Two more portals open, healer hits the sconce again.

Wulf: Please stop.

Healer: Why?

Wulf: We need those for Dehydration.

Healer: Dang, I forgot.

Fifth portal opens, it’s the water boss.

Mage: Yea @$$, thanks for screwing me over.

Mage rage quits group, healer leaves group (feelings hurt?). Now the five-man heroic dungeon only has 3 people. Auto queue kicks in: searching for 1 healer and 1 more dps.Water Boss is now in combat and splits for the first time. I hit an available wall sconce. Pink lighting fills the room again.

Wulf: Why did he leave? We can still get the achievement.

Tank: Good thing I don’t need a healer for this boss, try not to get hit.

Boss splits a second time, I hit another sconce. DPS -pew, pew, pew. Still just the three of us. Boss splits for the third time. I rocket boot up to the second level to hit the final sconce since one was used prematurely. Just as final blows go into the boss, the group is reformed with the final two members.  Dehydration achievement goes out to the new healer.

Wulf: At least the new person got it.

New Healer: Cool, thank you.


Since my freshman year of high school, the number six has always had a special meaning for me. It started when I chose the number as my soccer jersey. Later I found out that six was my grandpa’s favorite number. Six is also half of my husband’s lucky/soccer number, 12. Needless to say, if it’s six I have a good feeling – except on Friday.

I was in a ICC 10 pug and we were doing alright. It took us 3 wipes on Saurfang before we sucessfully finished him. As luck would have it he dropped, Saurfang’s Cold-Forged Band, a slight upgrade for me with nice Armor Pen. I random /100 and roll a 6. My head almost hits the keyboard. The bear tank passes on the ring a long with the DK. Wow.. I won it! THEN, for some strange reason the raid leader has a brainfart, goes onto the next item from the loot chest and doesn’t hand the ring over. He awards the DK with the plate item and says, “roll again for…” and re-links the ring. I think to myself that perhaps I can redeem my roll. Nope, I roll a 6 again!! One other rolled against my 6 and obviously beats me. But the group spoke up and told the raid leader that technically Wulf won the first roll. My prize was handed over to me.

I thank the group and say over vent, “What are the chances that I roll back-to-back sixes?” Then it was pointed out by another raider, “and you won the ring both time with those sixes.”

Lucky number six!

When the servers finally settled down this evening I logged in to begin my dailies. I manage to knock out the new Shadowfang Keep Holiday Bosses, pick up my cooking and fishing quests and queue for the random heroic dungeon run. I soon find myself  in some conversations with friends and before I know the Dungeon box pops up waiting for me to accept: oh joy it’s Nexus.

I zone in and notice that this group’s druid tank is in speed mode. Fine, that’s cool . I do my best to keep up, kill mobs, misdirect to the bear, yada yada yada, we get to Anomalus. It’s still my understanding we are on a speed run and begin to all out DPS-balls-to-the-walls on everything. Well, I must have missed the call that we were doing the achievement because the tank begins to yell, “NO DON’T KILL IT.” I stop my DPS as fast as I could, but  it was too late, my dots must have finished it off. Okay my bad, and I was about to apologize until the other 4 people  in the group pile on the Hunter Hate. “Wow, you suck and you can’t read,” “You have crappy DPS, “Why are you pulling that? Oh wait you are a hunter!” Har-har-har-har. What a bunch of jerks all the sudden.

If I wasn’t that close to finishing the instance, I would have left. The thought did cross my mind to ninja the rest of the items from the bosses but Karma must had been on my side. I won 2 Dream Shards and 1 Abyss Crystal from the bosses. Now that I think of it, it’s been a very long time since I had to deal with a bunch of @**clowns in a 5-man heroic. Perhaps I was due. /shrug

Anyway, I wasn’t going to allow 4 people ruin my night. I got me a new pet! Watch out, he’s looks hungry.

A few weeks back I ran into a Hunter looking for a weapon which could be crafted by an Engineer. I was feeling generous so I lent out my craft up only to learn the gun they wanted was BoP. /facepalm

I understood this hunter was in search of a ranged weapon upgrade so I offered a few suggestions of quested and dropped weapons at their level. They were very thankful for the help and he even paid me for my troubles of crafting the gun that was BoP.

A week goes by and I get a tell from this same hunter asking for help. He claimed his DPS was incredibly low and wanted to know what he could do to boost it.  I asked what his spec was and he told me that he had an SV raiding spec and his average dps was between 1800-2000.

Whoa.. I knew something wasn’t right there. The first thing I asked was about his gear. He told me that he was wearing mostly blues and purples but he hadn’t enchanted anything yet since he was planned to upgrade everything. Hrmm..okay, I then moved on to my next question: shot priority and rotation. I consulted with my guild’s SV hunters on the proper priority. I relayed the shot priority/rotation to the hunter.

Rapid Fire > Kill Shot > Black Arrow > Serpent Sting > Aimed Shot > Steady Shot (filler)

He told me he didn’t have Aimed Shot trained. /raises eyebrow

Then asked if I would follow him to a training dummy to watch his shot rotation. I don’t know about you but I can barely differentiate the shots just by watching, so I offered to check him out on the Armory.

His Armory page explained a lot! First off his hit wasn’t capped. Luckily he was a Draenei so he has the 1% hit racial build in, but he still could use a little more.  I wasn’t sure where he found his SV spec and I suggested he take 1 point of Imp Hawk and place it into Focused Aim. He could also benefit from taking the other point from Imp Hawk and placing it into Aimed Shot.

This hunter’s gear was fairly decent for a newly ding-ed 80, but he had way too many open gem slots and zero enchants. Even if you throw in green gems and lowbie enchants it’s much better than having them open. These days people will Armory you in a heartbeat or ask about your Gear Score. If you don’t meet their standards you won’t get a group which means no gear upgrades. I suggested to the hunter he may want to reconsider his option not to gem/enchant his gear for this reason. This also means he should focus on rep with the factions which will give him the needed head and shoulder enchants. ** The Head/Shoulders enchant will change to Bind on Account Enchants in 3.3.

The final suggestion I had for him was to run Normal 5 ToC and Heroic 5 ToC as much as he could. There is a lot of great Hunter gear which will give you the edge one needs for the 10 man ToC.

I emailed the list of fixes to the Hunter and that was the last that I heard from him.

Since then I’ve been finding “huntards” all over the place. There was the one in my N 5ToC pug who took a 2h Weapon for the strength. The group asked him ‘why’ and he explained, “Strength is good, just not as good as Agility.” Some of my guildies found a hunter through a pug who’s spec was 0/67/0 , while another one had grouped with completely different Hunter who’s overall dps was 800.

I’m not making this post to pick on people, this is more of a PSA. Playing a Hunter may be easy but it takes time to learn and understand. There are plenty of Hunter Blogs and Hunter Forums (not the Official World of Warcraft ones) with many knowledgeable people who are ready and willing to help a fellow Hunter out. Use them, learn from them and grow.

Happy Hunting!

I’m in Heroic 10 man Trials and my gun drops. Now technically it’s 3rd BiS for me, according to my spreadsheet, but the top two weapons (BRK 1000 & Talonstrike(H) ) I’ll probably never see. But.. since I didn’t have enough DKP and our warrior did – he won it. How dare he use a viable DPS upgrade for me as a “stat stick.”

Once. Just once, I wish I could have the DKP to out bid HIM on a sword that he could use and DE it in front of him.

There I am, minding my own business in Stratholme while I work on my next achievement. Suddenly I receive a tell from a name that I’m not familiar with. I quickly /who the name and see that it’s not a gold seller but a person from a fairly, well known guild on my server. I reply back only to discover that his guild has an opening for a hunter on their raid team and wanted to know if I was interested.

Whoa? Just over a year ago I struggled with finding a guild I could call my home and now I’m recruited? I smiled to myself and simply replied: “Thank you very much for your consideration but I’m very happy here in AJ.”

And that’s the truth! It took me quite a few guilds and I posted many applications but I couldn’t be any happier than the guild I’m with today.

grindsmygearsFor the last four weeks my guild has been stuck at Yogg-Saron. Not that the encounter is impossible or we are trying for a hard mode attempt. To put it simply, we still need better gear.

We have phase 1 down pat, our DPS could not be any better. Sure we still bump a cloud here and there but for the most part everyone looks out for each other. Phase 2, the tricky part. I am on the team who goes down into the belly of the beast to whack on its brain. This is where the we fall short. After we zone into the portals take a few smacks on Yoggy’s Noggin, on average, we are 3% behind in DPS. This means we must enter a 4th time and Yogg spawns more tentacles which quickly over whelms the DPS outside the brain AND it drains valuable time needed for Phase 3.

I’m not afraid to admit that I am one of these DPSers who could use better gear.  I seem to do fine for most of the boss encounters, but a few pieces of good Hunter gear would be a nice boost. This brings us to last night.

We are cruising through Ulduar. We get to Mimron and he drops a Protector Token. Everyone in the raid already has their T8.5 gloves and I think, “finally – the upgrade to the gloves.” I put in my bid, Pandas (who is now an Enhance Shammy) bows out of the DKP bid wars so I can have the upgrade. /hug

As I put my hand out to receive what I believe is mine, the token goes to our DPS warrior.  Why? Because he wanted gloves for his tanking set. /glare

Really, how much time does he tank? Oh maybe we we need him to tank the Snaplasher during Freya -maybe a quick off-tank here or there. But does that require an upgraded set of tanking gloves? How often do I DPS? Who gets yelled at the most to push more “pew-pew?” Certainly not the tanks.

Gee Mr. Raid Leader. I’d love too give you more DPS, but you see that Warrior over there? Yes, that one…not tanking. Notice the gloves in his bag that he HARDLY USES and probably didn’t need that bad? Those should have been mine. Take it up with him.  I hope that extra +42 Stamina really works out when we fall short on DPS again.

That really grinds my gears.

Luckily Freya and Hodir decided to jump on the Protector bandwagon and drop double tokens. I lost out on the pants but Shambear and I were lucky to get our T8.5 Chest badge. Still, new gloves would have been super nice.

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