This year Blizzard put one of the best Winter Veil gifts to date: The Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater. For those who play without sound, you are missing out. Upon use of this item, not only will your toon pull out a Holiday Scroll and sing, but you can actually hear sleigh bells and “La-La-La-La’s.” I so want one of these sweaters IRL. You have until Jan 2nd to pick up your Festive Sweater and complete the Achievement: A-Caroling We Will Go.

Happy Holidays!


The other night, I blew all my DKP to pick up a trinket from Ruby Sanctum.

I plan to enjoy the Armor Pen. cap while it lasts. :3

snowmanI hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year. I know we are right in the middle of Holiday fun and I wanted to pop in between my travels to wish you all a wonderful and blessed holiday season. Be safe in your travels and make the most of these moments.



Foxx finally received her Hallowed Helm but cannot get a Sinister Sqashling to save her life it seems. Wulf has no problem. Yes, that’s Wulf’s bank with THREE Sinister Squashlings. They are mocking Foxx.

SquashlingAs you all know by now we are mid-celebration of Hallow’s End. Two full weeks of Trick-or-Treats, Fire Fighting and hopes of the Headless Horseman’s Reins dropping in Scarlet Monastery. I have decided to work on the Holiday Achievements for Foxx, my Druid and the only Achievement from holding her back from the Hallowed title is, Sinister Calling. I have ran summons for the Headless Horseman everyday and I’ve lost out on 4 pets and 3 helms (and one set of reins). On the other hand, she has collected so many flimsy masks that Foxx will probably get A Mask for All Occasions before Wulf does. Oh and to add insult to injury, Wulf has received the Sinister Squashing and the Hallowed Helm. Neither of what she needs. I wish they were both BoA.

Today is the last day for Brewfest! This means you have until 11:59pm to finish your Brewfest Dailies, collect your remaining Brewfest tokens and take one last dive into BRD to battle Corren Direbrew for some phat lewts.

All-in-all, it has been a nice Brewfest for me. I collected two Tankards O’ Terror (which I plan sell at a later date.) and witnessed 2 Ram Mounts drop, but lost the roll on both. I began to think my luck on a Brew-Fast Mount had ran out. However, on my group’s last attempt on the last day I finally won my very own Kodo. I’m a happy Wulf.

Brewfest Kodo

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