This year I am not physically in attendance at Blizzcon. The ticket price was a little high, and there are better things I could do with that money right now so.. I settled on the Virtual Ticket.

For those of you watching every second of the convention, you already know about the new Expansion involving these guys:

A lot of people predicted this race was to come and the early leak of the “Mists of Pandaria” also hinted toward them. This news was fun and packed full of excitement, and yes, got me “geeked,” but the biggest news of all:



Sorry for the delay. Last week was much busier than I ever expected and my husband commandeered my laptop all day to keep track of his Fantasy Football. But my pictures are finally up! You can view them here or you can click the Deathy/Blizzcon image on the right hand side.

I hope you all enjoy and keep checking back. I plan to upload new images added later on.

I returned to my humble home in Texas last night. Unfortunately real life calls and I must head off to work in a few minutes. There are massive amounts of pictures and fun to share with ya’ll. I hope tonight I’ll have a chance to share, but there is a laundry list of other things which need to be completed first.


Hello from not-so-sunny California. Blizzcon kicks off tomorrow and we are extremely excited. Raliean and I arrived yesterday, which I would highly recommend for those who go next year. It gave us some time to relax, enjoy Anaheim, and not stress about where we will park. Now it’s time to kick our feet up on our little patio and watch all the Blizzcon attendees filter in. In the mean time, enjoy our photo:

Thanks to some good friends, it looks like I’ll be going this year! We already have our hotel booked and my friend Raliean and I will probably road trip up to Anaheim. Looking forward to it. ^___^

I went to check out Blizzard’s Gallery of Photos from Blizzcon09 today. I get to page 2 and I see ME!! The gal with the red backpack at the graffiti board writing something!! Ha-ha! Too funny!

For those who may be curious, I was giving a little guild love in the “V.”  <Armored Justice> – Hellscream US!!

Simply click on the Grunty image to view some of the pictures (and short video) that were taken at Blizzcon. Enjoy!!

Edit: That was rude of me, some of these photos are from Raliean. Perhaps I shouldn’t write posts at 6am. -_-;

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