Level 80
Night Elf Hunter | Pets
Wulf started off as an alt who quickly became my main. I can’t even list how much I enjoy playing a Hunter. Since my switch, I have made it my goal to be the best that I can be. Even today I still enjoy reading and discovering new tips and strategies for Hunters.

Three of my biggest achievements as a Hunter are: mastering the jumpshot, completing my epic bow quest for Rhok’delar and taming Loque’nahak, the Spirit Beast.

I belong to a guild, Armored Justice, who has seen many 10 and 25 man content. Though I enjoy PvE also enjoy PvP whenever I can.

Level 70
Night Elf Druid
Foxx was shelved for almost 2 years after I created Wulf. Once I realiz+ed she sat at level 48 for so long I decided to level her up. Feral Druids had changed a lot since I had played her last and I had some great coaching from Pandas. He showed me the ropes when it came to Tanking and DPSing and soon the student would surpass the master. The Druid is a very fun class to play in PvP. My favorite hobbies include shredding the faces of Warlocks and Rogues.

What I like the most about playing a druid is the versatility they offer. I love playing in Cat Form more than Bear, but I am more than happy to pick up a run away mob or help out a Tank in a pinch.


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