Who Is Wulf?
Wulf is a level 85, former Night Elf, Worgen Hunter on the Hellscream US Server. Throughout my time in WoW, I have leveled and played in all three hunter specs: Marksman, Beastmaster and Survival. I mostly PvE as a casual, 25 man raider in the guild Armored Justice, but sometimes there’s a need to quench my blood lust through a little PvP.

Game History
My WoW history began with the release of the game back in November of 2004. My first character was a Night Elf Druid because the idea of shape-shifting intrigued me. Since WoW was so new and there were many broken and bugged mechanics in the game still, I quickly became frustrated and returned to Dark Age of Camelot.

A few months went by and two of my close friends felt it was time to give WoW another try. It took some convincing on their part but I eventually went with them, kicking and screaming most of the way. The three of us located our long time DAoC buddies who had switched from our original PvP server to a PvE server.

I gave the Druid class another try, and thus Foxx was created. I quested and clawed my way up to level 44 when my friends wanted to roll alts.  Easy for them since most of them were at the level cap, but I decided to make an alt anyway and rolled a Hunter this time.  I discovered that loved playing a Hunter and Wulf quickly became my new main.

The Player Behind Wulf
If you haven’t realized by now, I am a female gamer and dang proud of it. Ever since I can remember, there has always been great love for video games along with a passion for art. I graduated in 2000 with a degree in Film/Video/Animation  from Grand Valley State University. Two years after graduation, when the economy took a dive,  I enrolled into Art School where I studied Graphic Design & Art Direction. In 2006 I graduated from The College of Creative Studies, moved to Texas with my fiancé, and was married a year later.

I created this blog as an outlet for my love of the game. At the time I didn’t know many Warcraft players and blogging was a way for me to “talk shop.”  Here, I generally write about my own Huntery musings, and while you can expect little to none theory crafting, I will do my best to provide a some insight into the Hunter class.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Sean Says:

    So…who are you? Just curious…:P

  2. Wulf Says:

    updated 5/23/08

  3. Zwingli Says:

    Yay for TX Hunters!!!!

    I’m in Ft. Worth. 😉

  4. Blake Says:

    Thanks for the great site. I’m about to respec my hunter, life-long BST, to Marks and am going to copy your spec. 🙂

    Oh and congrats for escaping Michigan. I’m a transplant from NJ and I want out. 🙂

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