This year I am not physically in attendance at Blizzcon. The ticket price was a little high, and there are better things I could do with that money right now so.. I settled on the Virtual Ticket.

For those of you watching every second of the convention, you already know about the new Expansion involving these guys:

A lot of people predicted this race was to come and the early leak of the “Mists of Pandaria” also hinted toward them. This news was fun and packed full of excitement, and yes, got me “geeked,” but the biggest news of all:

I’m still dancing for joy over this newest change. The removal of “stat sticks,” ranged slots & relics I found to be good news as well. So once can only assume, that with min range gone, so goes our 2 very useless melee attacks. Oh Raptor Strike, I knew thee well – but you will not be missed.