Hoooooooowdy all! Worgen joke – ahem…

I’ve poked my head out of the Firelands to share a nifty tidbit for you Power Auras users. For those unfamiliar with Power Auras it’s an addon that allows you to customize your cool downs, procs, and burst abilities with small icons, sounds and timers. For example, on my UI a small green circle on the ground if my serpent sting is not up or has fallen off.

I won’t go into the ins & outs of setting up Power Auras since there are plenty of blogs who have done this. I will touch base on one of the special options Power Auras feature: customized sound – more specifically in-game sounds. World of Warcraft has sound effects that cover every corner of it’s world. Whether it’s a spell effect, your own character talking or a gurgling Murloc  you can use these sounds along with your Power Auras.

If you are new to Power Auras, open your addon (/powa) and you may notice 4 tabs: Activation, Animation, Sound & Timer. Click on “Sound” and you will see the options to use a Starting Sound or an Ending Sound.

This means if you use an ability such as Rapid Fire, you can have a sound alert you once the Rapid Fire button has been pushed and give different (or same) audible notification when the buff has finished. There are two drop down boxes on each selection with many pre-loaded sounds to choose from. Scrolling through them allows you hear the different alerts. However, if you wish to use a sound effect from WoW, you first have to locate that sound. Don’t be intimidated, some fans have gone through the trouble for you and made a list of every sound to date.

Sound commands for every sound updated for Cataclysm (as of 4.2.0)

Once you download this text file, you will notice a ton of /script lines. It may take a while to find the exact sound you wish to use, but thankfully they are labeled in a way that makes sense. Once you find your sound, copy and paste the /script line into your chat box while in game.

/script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\\Creature\\Murloc\\mMurlocAggroA.ogg”)

You will be the only one who can hear the /script sound so feel free to play and test as many different sounds that you so desire. Next step is to get your chosen sound to alert you into Power Auras. When you open your Power Auras Sound tab you will see an option for “Or soundfile.” This is where you will copy your /script line, however there is a slight trick. You must enter the line in like this:


You will know you did this correct when you hear your script sound. You can set your in-game alerts at the beginning or end of an action, just like the pre-loaded sounds. I hope that you find this little tutorial informative and have fun creating your own captivating sound alerts in Power Auaras.