Goes the Nerf Bat on Survival Hunters. With the stacking of SV Hunters in some high end guilds/raids due to the insane DPS they put out. I (nor was anyone else I’d assume) expected this:

* Black Arrow base damage has been reduced by 25%, down from 2400 to 1800.
* Explosive Shot now deals [ 20.5% of Ranged AP + 340 ] damage, down from [ 27.3% of Ranged AP + 454 damage ]
* Hunter vs. Wild now increases your total Stamina by 5/10/15%, up from 4/7/10%.
* Serpent Spread now affects up to 4 targets.

Dang. I think I just heard the sound of a million Survival Hunters crying out at once.

In other Huntery news:

* Cobra shot(and Steady Shot) cast time is now affected by haste.

Whoa.. just whoa. Did I miss something? I thought it was affected by haste already. /ponder This newest patch is proving to be quite interesting. Last night, I had accepted the fact that I may have to run as Survival Spec in my raid group – being that I’m the only hunter now. But with the major nerfs to Survival and the nice boosts to BM and Marks may all three specs finally be in line with each other?

Edit 1/12

More patch notes have been updated and Blizzard decided to back off a little of the hard nerfs to Survival. The Serpent Spread ability in the talent tree was reverted back to unlimited targets and Explosive Shot was given a little love bump too: damage has been reduced by 15%. (down from 25%)

But the most important change thus far –> Hunters can now use Auto Shot while moving.