I stood in line with my fellow gamers while time slowly ticked by.The company was enjoyable and I had a great chat with a fellow hunter and his friend the frost mage. Finally at 12:01am the doors to Gamestop opened and with a quick flash of my ID, I walked out proudly with my Cataclysm Collector’s Edition.

Swiftly, but minding the speed limit, I raced home to crack open the new expansion:

Step 1) Greet the dog

Step 2) Install the CD

Step 3) Upgrade the account

Step 4) Wait

As the game slowly updates, I’ve decided to sit back enjoy a drink and read “The Shattering.” I probably won’t stay up till 2am my time for the Cataclysm servers to switch on,  sleep is winning that battle. But everything is set on my computer and I know it will wait for me when I wake up. There is no rush for me to get to 85, technically, and I plan to enjoy the expansion I waited so long for.

Happy Hunting!