Not too long ago, I was bit by the PvP bug. Wintergrasp was my stomping ground for quite a while, but now the Isle of Conquest holds a plethora of new challenges. As of 4.0.1, my PvP pet of choice is the Spirit Beast or Skoll in my case. All Spirit Beasts offer two special abilities. The first is Roar of Courage and what Hunter doesn’t love the agility boost? The second ability is Spirit Mend; pet heals – yes please. I messed around with  different macros and so far this one seems to be the most versatile:

/cast Spirit Mend
/cast [target=Wulf] Spirit Mend

How this macro works, if you do not have a target or a friendly target then Spirit Mend will be cast on you. If you target a friendly player then your pet will heal your target. Obviously, you will swap out my name for yours when you make the macro. Unless we happen to be in same Battleground, then I don’t mind the extra heals.