Lately the Warcraft Life feels a bit like a mad dash. The grand, 4.0.1 patch lands tomorrow and things will be forever changed. Well, there will be no dragon bursting from the center of the world, but Hunters will officially be off the mana system.  While I should have taken full advantage of the PTR, I decided to focus my time elsewhere.

Back in February, I began a small bucket list of objectives I wished to complete before the new expansion. It started with mount farming, but not just any mount farming. At least twice a week, I would venture into Zul’Gurub with the hopes of walking out with a Tiger or Raptor mount. Alas, all I ever saw was a bunch of coins and bijous, but press on I shall until ZG falls into the abyss. My conquest didn’t end there, I decided to press my luck in Stratholme with Barron Rivendar’s Charger. I got it on my 6th run.

The next thing to do was defeat the Lich King. While this should have been number one on my list, my guild was steadily progressing toward that goal anyway. By April, we succeeded. Not to be out done, my guild began heroic runs which netted me two more awesome looking mounts: the Bloodbathed and Icebound Frostbrood Frostwyrm.

My guild kicks ass!

Between the Rivendar runs and our Lich King learning, I bit the bullet and ground out the Wintersaber Trainer’s Faction. I figured it would be tough, but looking back it really wasn’t too bad. Plus, there’s another mount which was added to my collection. With all my new modes of transportation it wasn’t long that I would reach a Mountain O’ Mounts.

After we beat Arthas into a bloody pulp, what possibly could be next? The Outland Raider Achievement, that’s what! While things began to wind down, I put together a Sunwell run, which was a complete success! Not only was I able to see the whole instance in its glory, but I managed to help a bunch of guildies get their Sunwell/Outlands Achievement. Unfortunately no legendary bow.

With these feats under my belt, I decided to give PvP a try… that didn’t last long. The Alliance in my battle group are still incredibly incompetent. /facepalm

But then, I decided to test my hunter prowess – along with my patience – and hunt for some very difficult prey: The Time-Lost Proto Drake. Let me tell you, I fully understand the name of this beast. To hunt this monster, you must have a lot of patience and determination, but a little stubbornness can help too. I did my research and even found a great website featuring well researched tips to up one’s success rate.

About 3 days in, my dog was whining to go out. Being the responsible owner I did what I must, but  became a little impatient as she took her time searching for that perfect spot. In that 10 minutes I was AFK,  Time-Lost Proto Drake spawned and I MISSED IT! It haunted me for days, but I love my dog and forgave her.

The next two weeks, I lost sleep, my laptop seemed that it was chained around my neck, and  if I was away from the computer too long worry would set in. This is when it hit me and I said “NO MORE!” I wasn’t going to let this thing suck my time away. If I had nothing to do, I’d camp. But if I wanted to go out or, better yet get some quality sleep, I was going to do so.

I made the right choice 😀

So now what? It’s back to PvP I go! This time, however, I’m focusing on Wintergrasp. Oh why didn’t I notice this earlier, seriously. How often will Wintergrasp be fought over once the Cataclysm hits? Alliance on my server owns Wintergrasp and has been for some time now. Since I began romping through this battle zone, I’ve knocked out 2 more achievements (thank you Shambear) which leaves me with Wintergrasp Veteran and Didn’t Stand a Chance to become the Master of Wintergrasp . Yeah, mounted players…ouch. But I am persistent, if the TLPD didn’t show that already.

Now if only my guild is kind enough to spend another night in Ulduar and allow me to complete the last two achievements I need for Glory of the Ulduar Raider, I think I can put this list to rest. In the meantime, enjoy the new patch and content shiny-ness. Followed by long server delays, random crashing, inflated Auction House prices and everything else that Blizzard doesn’t plan for. :3