Queue up for Random Dungeon, wait 8 min, select ready, boom – Heroic Violet Hold. Sweet. Buffs go out, select Tank and make him the focus target for Misdirect. Before we start the run there is a request.

Mage: Hey can we do Dehydration? It’s the only one I have left for Glory of the Hero.

Wulf: Sure, it’s easy enough. Just hope that boss is chosen.

Mage: Yep.

Event starts. After second portal opens, healer hits the wall sconce. Pink lighting fills the room.

Wulf: Don’t do that.

Healer: ?

Two more portals open, healer hits the sconce again.

Wulf: Please stop.

Healer: Why?

Wulf: We need those for Dehydration.

Healer: Dang, I forgot.

Fifth portal opens, it’s the water boss.

Mage: Yea @$$, thanks for screwing me over.

Mage rage quits group, healer leaves group (feelings hurt?). Now the five-man heroic dungeon only has 3 people. Auto queue kicks in: searching for 1 healer and 1 more dps.Water Boss is now in combat and splits for the first time. I hit an available wall sconce. Pink lighting fills the room again.

Wulf: Why did he leave? We can still get the achievement.

Tank: Good thing I don’t need a healer for this boss, try not to get hit.

Boss splits a second time, I hit another sconce. DPS -pew, pew, pew. Still just the three of us. Boss splits for the third time. I rocket boot up to the second level to hit the final sconce since one was used prematurely. Just as final blows go into the boss, the group is reformed with the final two members.  Dehydration achievement goes out to the new healer.

Wulf: At least the new person got it.

New Healer: Cool, thank you.