Apparently the last Blue Post briefly discusses the removal of Volley.

Blizzard doesn’t want us to have a “magical” AoE because it doesn’t feel Hunter-ish. Does this mean Multi-shot will be changed to hit a few more targets? We all know that’s why Volley edged out Multi-shot, because it hit more targets.

The more new beta builds are released, the more I hope they don’t destroy the best class in game. Blizzard already removed Rhumba (which really depressed me) and now Volley. What’s next?

EDIT: A few days ago Blizzard gave us a better explanation of why Volley was removed. It seems that Hunters would have had too much AoE or rather AoE abilities. We all forgot, myself included, the magic of Trap Launcher. This should allow us to AoE some but we will still need to single target pack mobs, with a Multi-shot thrown in here and there.

But for the record, I’m still going to miss Volley. 😦