I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to grind the Wintersaber Trainers faction. For those unfamiliar with this group, they are based in the Northern area of Winterspring at the Frostsaber Rock. You speak with Rivern Frostwind who is located at the very top of the this rock. Once you talk with him your reputation starts at Neutral. To gain reputation you must repeat a series of quests. The first is Frostsaber Provision,  where you must collect 5 Shardtooth Meats and 5 Chillwind Meats from any Bear and Chillwind. The worst part about this quest; the meat IS NOT a 100% drop rate, but the mobs are all over the Winterspring zone which makes finding them a cinch.

Half way through this leg you will open a second quest to do Winterfall Intrusion .  Now you get to kill the Winterfall Shaman and Winterfall Ursas in Winterfall Village, but there can be a catch. If you are the only person doing these quests you should have no issue, if there is more than 2 people (not including yourself) questing in that area, be prepared to spend some time waiting for re-pops.

Continue these quests until you hit Honored, then you unlock a 3rd quest: Rampaging Giants. Guess what you get to kill now?  The nice thing about this quest is the extra 100 rep you gain from the turn ins. So what does one get for running these repetable quests? A pretty sweet mount.

Yes you get your very own Hobbes – I mean purple Frostsaber mount. :3

Some of my friends thought I was insane for even considering to grind out this faction. The most asked question was, “why?” If it wasn’t for my in-game boredom I probably would have skipped this over too.  With Cataclysm looming overhead who knows what will happen to this faction/reward. Though, I highly doubt that Blizzard would get rid of this quest line. All in all, the grind really wasn’t that bad. Especially when I hit the third repeatable quest. It is important to remember that other people are bored too and (at least on my server) Winterspring was hopping at times. One quester even began to call me out in General Chat for “killing HIS mobs.”  /em rolls eyes

While I don’t condone stealing mobs, it is important to be considerate of your fellow alliance. If there is an area heavily camped, move on to the next. There will be times were you will show up to a camp to find all the mobs dead. Such was the case of the person who called me out in General Chat. Some people may  suggest to skip the meat turn in quest after you open the other two, but I found this to be a great option until other questers filterd out. While it may be slightly competitive now, this may be the best time to work on the Wintersaber Trainers. Because when Cataclysm hits, your time will be focused elsewhere and who knows what the state of this faction may be.