Some of you might be thinking, “what is up with that last post?” To make a long story short, I accidentally released Kiba. How could a thing like this happen? Here’s the long story:

I joined a Mount Hyjall run late into the evening and while it wasn’t a horrible pug (few wipes here and there) it ended around 12 midnight. I was a little sleepy (okay maybe a lot sleepy) when I took the portal back to Dalaran. As the group made it’s way to Black Temple, it was my decision to finally head off to bed. I clicked what I thought was my portrait, scroll down to what I thought was leave group. A box pops up. Assuming it was the Skada reset message I quickly hit “accept.” As Kiba faded off into nothingness, that’s when it hit me, Kiba was released. My heart sank and I quickly placed a ticket to the GMs.

With all the hacked accounts, deleted and DCed epic loot that happens on a daily basis I was fairly confident that Kiba would be restored. However, there was that little bit of doubt and worry that I would have to look for a new wolf pet. But I didn’t want that. Taming a new pet is not the same.

If you never played a hunter this may be hard to relate, but most of us remember that one pet we desperately wanted. For me, back in Vanilla WoW, it was the Mist Howler in Ashenvale. There were other wolves in the area with similar skins that I could have tamed but this guy was special. “Back in my day,” pets were all different. Some had fast attack speed, more hit points or in Mist Howler’s case pursuit speed. There was also the challenge of taming him since he could cast fear – too bad he didn’t keep that.

But the real special thing about that one pet is the experience and adventure you had together. Gear may come and go but generally you use the same pet over and over and over. As content changes, Hunters never fully out grow their pets. Our pets will level with us, run the same quests, tank a mob 5 times higher then they are,  earn talent points and they even have that cool, glowy, gold effect upon a ‘ding.’ Even when we are told pet-X will yield the best DPS, some will continue to use what they want to use. Back when cats were the superior pet, I still took Kiba out for 5 man heroic runs and dailies. It may be silly to ‘bond’ with pixels in a game but that’s what makes the hunter class so unique.

Throughout the day I would check in, fingers crossed, in hopes to see my old friend at my side. As the day went on, raid time was here before I knew it. Without Kiba it looked like I would have to raid with Saywer, my cat. My raid began its prep for Icecrown trash a GM sent me a private message. He understood my issue and was there to help return Kiba. I couldn’t have been happier. A quick log over to an alt and then back, Kiba was home in my stable – ready to take on Professor Putricide.

Welcome back old friend.