It has happened. After months of battling our way through the Icecrown Citadel, weeks of mental humps and challenges, < Armored Justice> defeated the Lich King last night.

The fight against the Lich King is amazing and forced all of us to put our skills to the test. Our biggest obstacle happened to be the defile spell he would cast in phase three and five. If you have yet to see this fight, defile is a nasty spell which places a black pool of death at the feet of the targeted player. If that player does not move or another player crosses into the defile pool, it spreads like mad. Defile is an instant raid wiper if it grows too big. It took us a few weeks before we all realized that we didn’t need to run around like chickens with our heads cut off. Cool heads prevailed as the mechanic of Defile was understood and we were able to avoid it better.

The Valkrys that spawn at phase three also proved to be a bit of a challenge. Three valks would swoop down to pick up a victim. Their goal was drag the player to the edge  and then drop them off the edge to fall to their death. Learning to adjust ourselves to free raid members while keeping the awareness that any person next to you could be chosen for the Lich King’s Defile. That was our mental hump.

Our past week proved to be one of our better weeks of progression. Pushing the Lich King to phase 5 a few times felt great, but often we found our dps or heals short due to deaths. When the new raid week began, the officers decided to extend our raid ID.  This was our guild’s first time we fully took advantage of the raid extension. Some were upset, others pumped , myself I was bummed out at first. Why? I’m still begging and pleading with the Loot Gnomes to drop the pants I need off Lady Deathwhisper. Until they do, I will DPS that fight while not wearing pants – in game. :p Personally I find it  pretty funny and yet my dps hardly suffers. But I had to put my little joke aside for the better of the guild. I would imagine 24 other people would rather see the Lich King go down than to see me play with no pants…or would they?

Focus hats on, we picked up where we left off. Few wipes from Defiles, a pep talk from the raid leader and quickly we found ourselves to phase five with 25 people still standing.  Nerves were abundant as little errors were made thus wiping the raid, but we pressed on.  As we constantly made progress through the evening, there was talk about the Frostmourne room in stage five. No one could really explain it other than, DPS like mad or heal like you never healed before. Lucky for me, I was able to experience the room first hand.

As the Lich King pointed Frostmourne at me, slowly I was lifted into the air, gasping for breath. He pulled me straight too him as my guild mates wished me good luck. I had no idea what to expect. Luckily Kiba joined me in the small room and he headed straight for the Spirit Warden. But wait.. there’s more. Terenas Menethil also joined us and he was more than happy to lend some aid. With the three of us plus my handy Rapid Fire, we succeeded in finishing off the Spirit Warden before the 60 second timer was up.

Once out of the Frostmourne Room, I opened fire on the Lich King again. The raid bounced back and forth on the platform trying to avoid the exploding vile spirits. When he reached 15% you could sense the excitement, but maintaining focus was top priority. When we saw the Lich King slam Frostmourne into the ground one last time, we knew we had won.

I won’t go into what happens next for those who want to experience it first hand, but it is amazing.  Even I had goosebumps.  Way to go <Armored Justice> a victory well deserved.