Last week when I won two tokens to upgrade my gear I was faced with a decision: Agility or Armor Pen. As Marksmen hunters know Armor Pen will give us more bang but only once you reach that magic number. I can assure you that switching to Armor Pen gems at level 80 is a big no-no, but I won’t go into that because it’s been discussed on many hunter blogs already.

I’ve heard that Hunters shouldn’t consider making the Armor Pen switch until at least 800-900 passive Armor Pen. Mine was only slightly over 700 but according to every spreadsheet I used, there was more gain from Armor Pen than Agility.  So I did what I had to do, but not  queen of the DPS charts. Switching to Armor Pen is my way I can bring more DPS to the raid with the gear I currently have. Granted, I still hope with each weekly reset that Lady Deathwhisper will drop my pants (insert giggle here), but I was shocked at the DPS gain I saw in the spreadsheet with the switch.

Swapping out 16 Delicate Rubies for all Armor Pen Gems was a huge deal to me and I even had second thoughts after doing so. I told myself that these gems had to be tested out in real raid situation before drastically changed out 16 gems again. Last night in our ICC raid my DPS was even better than expected. It wasn’t a “zomgpewpewlazers” difference but didn’t see myself slipping off the damage charts, as feared. I was relieved that the right choice was made.

Though I do feel a little dirty, like I’m cheating on Agility. I hope it understands.