Since my freshman year of high school, the number six has always had a special meaning for me. It started when I chose the number as my soccer jersey. Later I found out that six was my grandpa’s favorite number. Six is also half of my husband’s lucky/soccer number, 12. Needless to say, if it’s six I have a good feeling – except on Friday.

I was in a ICC 10 pug and we were doing alright. It took us 3 wipes on Saurfang before we sucessfully finished him. As luck would have it he dropped, Saurfang’s Cold-Forged Band, a slight upgrade for me with nice Armor Pen. I random /100 and roll a 6. My head almost hits the keyboard. The bear tank passes on the ring a long with the DK. Wow.. I won it! THEN, for some strange reason the raid leader has a brainfart, goes onto the next item from the loot chest and doesn’t hand the ring over. He awards the DK with the plate item and says, “roll again for…” and re-links the ring. I think to myself that perhaps I can redeem my roll. Nope, I roll a 6 again!! One other rolled against my 6 and obviously beats me. But the group spoke up and told the raid leader that technically Wulf won the first roll. My prize was handed over to me.

I thank the group and say over vent, “What are the chances that I roll back-to-back sixes?” Then it was pointed out by another raider, “and you won the ring both time with those sixes.”

Lucky number six!