On Saturday, my guild had a second 10 man Ulduar run for the “Starcaller” Title. For the longest time, I think there was only 1 person with the key to Algalon’s room. Many raid sign up posts have been made in the past, but no one seemed interested and the sign ups were always short.

Until two weeks ago, our first group of 10 guildies successfully defeated Algalon on their last attempt of the one hour timer. Their victory must have sent a surge of excitement through everyone because now there was more interest in taking Algalon on and the sign ups were flowing .  Not to be outdone, there was a followed up defeat  for Yogg +1 the next day.  This time, I had been called to help and the 2nd wipe and a mind control of yours truly, 5 guild members in finally had their Rusted Proto-Drake mount. This achievement also put me 4  Hard Modes away from my Rusted Proto, but I still didn’t think I would complete the requirements in time.

Since excitement was high for Algalon, we had another go this past Saturday.

Our night began with Hard Mode Flame Leviathan. A few of us went down, but those who remained fought kept on battling and sealed the victory. Next was Ignis for a speed kill and then off toXT . We blew through him as if we all had one had tied behind our back. Through the portal and up the stairs, the raid cleared out the  trash and a quick turn to the right just before the stairs to Kologarn lies Algalon’s room. I felt very lucky just to be inside, the surrounding atmosphere is amazing. I didn’t have a lot of time to take everything in before we began the battle which is on a 1 hour timer. Being the good raider, I made sure I read up on the encounter before hand, but experiencing it is another. Fortunately we had some Starcallers from the last run and they were able to help us rookies get up to speed. With 5 to 6 attempts under our belt, we defeated Algalon with 10 minutes left on our timer.

But there was no time to celebrate our victory and watch the in-game cinematic play out in Dalaran, there were other bosses in Ulduar that we had to contend with. One by one we battled our way through – Hard Mode Iron Council, Hard Mode Kologarn, Hard Mode AuriayaHard Mode Thorim and Hard Mode Hodir. All went down in one shot. When we reached Freya I was slightly nervous due to the many failed attempts I participated in the past. Our group was stellar as we blew through each guardian phase without a hiccup. Hard Mode Freya was defeated on the first attempt.

Next was Mimiron. Finally we were allowed to push that big red button in the back of the room that reads, “Do Not Push.” His Hard Mode challenge, Firefighter, was a bit tricky but we managed to beat him in three attempts. Out of all the Hard Mode events, this was my favorite.

By now, it was late in the evening but we all pushed through the packs of trash on our way to General Vezax. The fight was quite simple, if  you find dodging shadow crashes easy, and he was one shot too. Another Hard Mode one shot under our belt.  With one achievement left for me and another guildie the group decided to finish with Razorscale’s Iron Dwarf Medium Rare. It’s not the most challenging but long.  With five minuets left on the Razor’s enrage, my guildie and I reached the 25 crispy Iron Dwarves needed. We pushed him to the enrage for a few more Dwarves for some other guildies (I had 10 Dwarves cooked from a previous attempt) but fell short. Quicky we rezzed up to restart Razor for the last needed. Finally I had my Rusted-Proto Drake.

It was decided after Razorscale that we would continue Yogg +1 the following day to help the other two raid members with their final achievement for new Drakes. We knocked this out before our Sunday raid, and this time I managed to keep my insanity the entire time. Yogg + 1 was the final one shot for our group.

The evening was meant to be short with just a Starcaller run with no other Hard Modes other than Levi and XT, but I was very thankful that my guildies were willing to go the distance.  We made Ulduar our B**** .

. What is your favorite Pokemon from Red/Blue/Yellow? Why?
TT1 — Vaporeon –> He’s a strong water type with a cool design
TT2 — Jolteon –> Loving the electric type and he’s so cute XD2. What is your favorite Pokemon from Gold/Silver/Crystal? Why?
TT1 — Chikorita –> Fav starter with some great moves :D
TT2 — Lugia –> He’s just awesome looking XD

3. What is your favorite Pokemon from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald? Why?
Neither of us really liked these versions, so no favs here :(

4. What is your favorite Pokemon from Diamond/Pearl? Why?
Didn’t like these either, so no favs :(

5. Did you ever watch the Pokemon anime? Who was your favorite character? Why?
Yup, we watched the original series, the Orange Islands, and Johto. TT1 liked Ash best, and TT2 liked Meowth :)

6. Have any specific favorite move in the game itself? Why?
TT1 –> Body Slam, it’s a good normal move that’s sweet!
TT2 –> Thunderbolt. It’s powerful!

7. Ever actually level all the way to level 100 before? How did it feel?
Yes, but we cheated by using the Game Shark ;p

8. Did you ever “catch ’em all?” How did it feel?
No, but we tried ^^

9. You know there are 500 Pokemon in existence now, right? Do you think they’ll ever make more?
Yup, they will keep going and going and going….

10. How did you feel when Game Freak introduced Pokemon daycare and breeding back in G/S/C? Did you feel it was a bold move on their part considering that the “focus” of the Pokemon franchise was on children?
It was okay, but just something we used a little bit and mostly for eevees ^^

11. What’s your favourite legendary Pokemon?
TT1 — Articuno
TT2 — Lugia

12. What’s your favourite Pokemon type?
TT1 — Water
TT2 — Electric

13. Pokemon has went on to spawn several soundtrack CDs, particular from the movies. Any particular favourite song?
Veridian City :D

14. Did you like any of the Pokemon movies? Did you dislike any of the Pokemon movies? Explain. We only liked the 1st one. The others were lame in terms of story :(

15. Do you feel Pokemon is childish?
The anime is childish, but the games require some thought.

16. If you woke up one day and you discovered that you’d been turned into a Pokemon, which one would you be?
TT1 — Vaporeon
TT2 — Jolteon

17. Do you feel Pokemon, now 10 years old, is starting to show its wear and tear?
Yeah, there are just too many, and the evos or new pokemon are just not as cool as the originals.

18. Did you play Pokemon with your buddies at school? How often? Weren’t those the days?
Yup, we had Pokemon card battles and Stadium battles every Thursday night back at college with our friends :D

19. Name your dream team. (any region)
TT1 — Vaporeon, Raichu, Meganium, Espeon, Absol, Flygon
TT2 — Jolteon, Lapras, Charizard, Zangoose, Pidgeot, Houndoom

20. What do you value more, the games or the toys?
We own a little of both :)

21. Name your top 5 least favourite Pokemon.
Jynx, Sudowodo, Sunflora, any bug type, castform

22. Which is your favourite region?