When the servers finally settled down this evening I logged in to begin my dailies. I manage to knock out the new Shadowfang Keep Holiday Bosses, pick up my cooking and fishing quests and queue for the random heroic dungeon run. I soon find myself  in some conversations with friends and before I know the Dungeon box pops up waiting for me to accept: oh joy it’s Nexus.

I zone in and notice that this group’s druid tank is in speed mode. Fine, that’s cool . I do my best to keep up, kill mobs, misdirect to the bear, yada yada yada, we get to Anomalus. It’s still my understanding we are on a speed run and begin to all out DPS-balls-to-the-walls on everything. Well, I must have missed the call that we were doing the achievement because the tank begins to yell, “NO DON’T KILL IT.” I stop my DPS as fast as I could, but  it was too late, my dots must have finished it off. Okay my bad, and I was about to apologize until the other 4 people  in the group pile on the Hunter Hate. “Wow, you suck and you can’t read,” “You have crappy DPS, “Why are you pulling that? Oh wait you are a hunter!” Har-har-har-har. What a bunch of jerks all the sudden.

If I wasn’t that close to finishing the instance, I would have left. The thought did cross my mind to ninja the rest of the items from the bosses but Karma must had been on my side. I won 2 Dream Shards and 1 Abyss Crystal from the bosses. Now that I think of it, it’s been a very long time since I had to deal with a bunch of @**clowns in a 5-man heroic. Perhaps I was due. /shrug

Anyway, I wasn’t going to allow 4 people ruin my night. I got me a new pet! Watch out, he’s looks hungry.