Kinetic Orbs, that’s right. Those stupid yellow orbs that slowly fall to the ground. I know if I hit the orbs slowly they will rise back up, but I wish it was that simple. For some decision unknown to me my guild places Hunters on orb duty. I loath it!

The first time we faced the Vampire Council there was only two hunters in our 25 man raid. Me and my co-Hunter ran around the room like mad trying to prevent these orbs from coming into contact with the floor. With all the pushbacks, spinning my view around and dashing across the room made this task more of a pain in the @$$!! The other Hunter and I were throwing out profanities in our hunter chat that would make a sailor blush. Of course if something happened and a ball hit the ground who carried all the blame? We did.

The orbs also spawn at mid height, rather than at their maximum height distance. I often found myself trying to volley one as I as I could when another would spawn half-way across the room. And heaven forbid if another ranged DPS noticed this and threw a couple pop-shots on it until we got there.

Finally toward the end of the night they decided to place one more ranged DPS on Kinetic Orbs with us. This made life a little more manageable. I was still barely allowed to dps on the boss but thankfully that didn’t seem to hinder the raid any. We have faced the Vampire Council two times since their release and successfuly brought them down on both 10 and 25 man.

Now to work on Blood-Queen Lana’thel and finally put Professor Putricide in his place.