I postponed this post for a while since I didn’t want to give any spoilers to those who wanted to be surprised. Plus I knew a lot of bloggers would be posting strats and hints. Then the holidays hit and delayed everything until now. My guild has been doing great in Icecrown as we slowly make our way up the spire toward the Lich King. We have cleared the first wing on both 10 and 25 man raids, and have cleared through the Plagueworks on 10 man.  Tonight we will tackle the newest wing, the Crimson Halls.

The first wing, I found a lot of fun despite the trash clearing up to the first boss, Lord Marrogar. My favorite fight of this area has to be Lady Deathwhisper. Along with the silly comments my guild makes about her opening rant, I love the fact that there’s very little movement and if mana is needed in a pinch a viper sting on her works great. Plus she dropped my bow the first night we faced her. Hopefully she will drop her trinket in our 10 mans and I’m lucky enough to win it.

At Blizzcon ’09 the developers told us about the Gunship Battle. The mechanics of that fight make it incredibly fun and I have not found one person who hates that encounter. Large cannons blazing, dodging goblin rockets, flying across to the enemy’s ship while defending our own – great job on that one Blizz.

The last boss in the  Frostwing Halls is Deathbringer Saurfang. What’s neat about this boss is we first encountered him in the Wrathgate cinematic. He met an untimely death when he charged after the Lich King and obviously his story didn’t end there. He has been resurrected as a Death Knight and now serves under the Scourge’s Army. I tend to like this encounter on 10 man over 25 since there’s more room to run when his blood beasts are summoned.

When the Plaugeworks opened  3 more bosses were introduced, Rotface, Festergut and Professor Putricide. Out of the two creations I find Rotface to be the most fun. Both of the bosses aren’t too challenging but Festergut seems to pick me a lot for his Vile Gas debuff. The other part I like about these encounters  is  you can spot Professor Putricide watching you from his laboratory as you battle his monstrous creations.  The final battle against Putridcide is pretty simple once you understand the basics of his encounter: dps the slimes, kite the orange slime, dodge the balls of goo and watch out for the beakers on the floor.

Gear wise, I have been fairly lucky in the upgrade department so far. I really enjoy my Deathbringer’s Will since the transformations are random. My only complaint (a petty one at that) about the trinket is if you play a female toon and you have the Matron title from Children’s Week, you will constantly get spam: “You have lost the title Matron. You have gained the title Patron.” It would be cool to see female transformations for the female toons, but I know that’s far from a priority.

There you have it. My personal raid progression through Icecrown Citadel. If you are storming the citadel too, I hope that you are having as much fun as I am. It’s a beautiful and challenging Instance and I can’t wait battle against the Lich King.