Here we are, probably a day away from the third wing of Icecrown Citadel opening. Since the release of patch 3.3, you have collected Emblems of Frost from the Random Heroic Daily or been lucky enough to run through the new Instance with your guild or even a few good pugs. As you collect these badges, how do you decide which piece to get first? Do you go with the T10 armor? Maybe a new belt is what you need. Myself I plugged everything into the hunter spreadsheet for my answer.

A lot of people will buy the cheapest item first, which happens to be a hot, little cloak. It sells for 50 badges and it can be a hefty upgrade for anyone who doesn’t have a heroic cloak from ToGC. I took a page out of BRK’s book and I held on to my badges for the most expensive piece. However my savvy saving allowed me to delay that purchase until I had collected 155 frost badges. Now I had some options. I ran all the gear upgrades through a spreadsheet and found I would gain more dps from 2 pieces of T10 than 1 piece of T10 and the badge belt, cloak, or gloves.

So before that first purchase, you may want to check with a spreadsheet to see which is the best for you. I prefer Shandara’s DPS Spreadsheet. It’s specifically geared toward hunters and she constantly updates it to keep up with new talent changes, gear or any errors people may find. The only downside is the spreadsheet doesn’t work too well with Macs. But never fear, Zeherea’s Hunter DPS Analyzer is very similar and available online. Happy shopping!