It has been a week since the patchy goodness of 3.3. I have to say that I’m quite pleased. First off the new LFG system is awesome. As DPS I may have to wait longer for a group, but for the most part it operates quite smoothly (once the bugs were removed). I went for the 100 random pug achievement Pug1for my Perky Pug and my experience was more positive than negative. Even when it looked like the people in my group were hopeless, the opportunity to vote people out or queue up to replace someone who left the group is brilliant.

The other bonus using the Random LFG feature is upon the completion of a dungeon you will receive an extra Badge of Triumph and 13 gold. Not too shabby if you don’t like to do dailies.

One real downside to the LFG system is every realm seems to have their own loot rules. I actually learned this early on when someone in a full Hellscream pug rolled Need on an item. When asked, “why” the guy replied, “I’m a server transfer and that’s how we did things on my old server.” So when I noticed some people rolling Need on Frost Orbs I quickly learned to do the same. “When in Rome, do as the Romans.”

The three new 5-man Dungeons are quite fun. They progress the Lich King story quite nicely and the loot inside isn’t half bad. Though I may not need much in the way of gear or weapons, I can see that Foxx will be able to upgrade the rest of her i200 gear, providing the loot gnomes are on her side. I did manage to snag a new 20 slot bag and a trinket.  By the way, my favorite fight out of all the new 5man dungeon bosses happens to be against, Bronjahm in Forge of Souls.  Make sure you have the game’s music on for this fight. It’s AWESOME!!

Raid progression wise, my guild and I have cleared through Icecrown Citadel’s 25 and 10 man content.  I even upgraded my bow.


We were even lucky enough to see the infamous, Deathbringer’s Will trinket drop. Unfortunately for me, I was not in attendance for that boss but my low DKP would not have scored it anyway. I’m not going to lie, I would love to have that trinket. Along with the other physical DPSers my guild.

There are only a few downsides that I’ve noticed about 3.3 which have come in the way of bugs. The first one that I noticed was the color of my boots have changed. Some of you may not care, but I do like to match. All the mail boots that drop out of  ToC have changed from the matching blue to the “eww gross” green.


I did put in a ticket for this, waste of time you think? Pfft – this is major in my opinion. I received the typical letter from Blizzard which thanked me for my assistance for this matter.  We can only hope that they’ll correct this ASAP! (I know I’m dreaming).

The other bug I found is probably worth fixing first. Last night, I decided to swap my BM spec for Marks again. There was some new glyphs and talents I wanted to test drive during our 10m ICC run. However, Kiba became bugged after the swap. His talent tree read that he had 19 points specced but 16 points unspecced. By glancing at the tree it looked as if he was specced, but none of his spells showed up in his spell book.  I’m sure if I had the time to visit a stable master and manually reset his talents it would have been fine, but that I don’t even know for sure.

There are a few other things I still need to check out, like the new fishing contest and the Quel’Delar quest line.

I hope you all are enjoying 3.3 as much as I am. :3