I’ve just been pretty busy lately. Here’s what has been keeping my attention:

1.) I flew back home to take care of my mom who had extensive shoulder surgery. She’s doing quite well even though her right arm is immobilized by a Donjoy sling. She has about 4 more weeks in her sling and then she’ll slowly start her physical therapy.

2.) Issues with our wedding photographer. My husband and I have been married for over two years now and problems have surfaced with the company we hired to photograph our wedding. So I am up to my ears in emails and whatnot.

3.) Freelance work, which is a good thing!! The job hunting has been dry and I need any source of income I can get. I’d like to try and get my name out there for personalized invites, cards, logos, etc but that all takes some work.

4.) The graphics card took a hit. I did receive my new card and RAM last week and successfully installed everything. The card is running pretty well though I do see some odd graphic hiccups now and then. : /

5.) My own shoulder injury. This isn’t something new but five years back I was in a car accident where I was rear-ended at a stop light. There was a decent amount of damage done, but to the person who hit me. The wheel on the back of my Jeep took most of the impact, but needless to say I suffered some whiplash and my shoulder hasn’t been the same since. It probably shouldn’t have taken me this long to do something about it – but after talking to my mom’s shoulder surgeon he commented that five years is way too long for an injury such as mine. I’ve began my battery of testing and come Monday I’ll be talking to the doctors who will tell me which path I’ll need: Surgery or Physical Therapy.

But I haven’t forgotten my blog or those who like to stop by for some news. There is a list I’ve complied of things to talk about and I plan to get to that soon. 🙂