When my monitor died, my husband claimed it was from playing Warcraft. Very doubtful. When my mouse took a dive, again he claimed it was from playing Warcraft. Highly unlikely. Now that my Video Card has kicked the bucket, I’ll give him this one.

Two weeks back I noticed some odd glitching from my computer while playing WoW. I assumed it was my video card but some other people theorized it could also be from over heating. I opened the side panel, blew out all the dust (there wasn’t much in there to begin with) and I still continued to glitch.

I decided to give my computer a solid-good week and a half of rest. I was out of town for that period of time so it was simple to keep the whole machine off. When I returned from my trip, my computer was still scrambling my graphics. This time the glitches happened in-game and out-of-game.

I consulted my friendly, neighborhood IT guy who also surmised that this problem does sound more like a graphics card failure than an over-heating issue. So together we searched on video cards and this is what we came up with:


It’s slightly better than my current GeForce 8800GT, and the memory clock is double of what I have.

The other nice thing about this card was the price, it was under $100. So not only did it save my pocketbook, but I also was able to pick up 2 more sticks of RAM for the price I thought I would have to pay just for a video card. Vroom-vroom.

I’ll let you all know how this card works out when it’s delivered on Wednesday.