world_of_warcraft_large_box_artFive years ago today, I was in art school. There was a break between two of my classes and my friend agreed to accompany me to Media Play so I could pick up my reserved copy of World of Warcraft. Later that night, I installed the game and joined my friends on the Kel’Thuzad server. I started a druid by the name of Rhylee. I remember the massive swarm of newbies in the starting area, the immense lag, and the feeling of not knowing what on earth I was doing and hated it all. I managed to claw my way up to level 20 before I quit and went back to Dark Age of Camelot. Some of my friends came with me and others stayed in Warcraft.

Six months later, those who came back with me to DAoC returned to Warcraft and loved it. They dragged me back to WoW kicking and screaming.

This time we were all on a new server, Hellscream. I rolled another Druid, Foxx, but this time I was able level up to 40. I still wasn’t crazy about the Druid but I was happy to play with my friends again. By now those who had stayed in Warcraft since day 1 had level 60s and were raiding Ony’s Lair and Molten Core. When the last of our DAoC friends transferred over to WoW, the people with the higher level toons decided to create alts. This is when I created Wulf, fell in love with the Hunter Class and the rest is history.