saltyLike so few people in this game, I actually enjoy fishing. I can’t explain why, I just do. Needless to say I have tried week after week, month after month to win the Booty Bay Fishing Contest. Finally, all that hard work paid off.

I won the contest  today (11/8) within 13 minutes after the start of the contest. How? A lot of it was luck. I picked an area where I had zero competition and at one point of the contest had 5 Tastyfish pools around me.

Previous to my win I had developed some tactics over the past few months.

1.) Learn to bind to the Booty Bay Inn. As soon as I had my fishing line in the water to catch my 40th fish, my finger was on my hearthstone key. Just don’t forget to rebind to Dalaran afterward.

2.) Carry plenty of Water Walking Elixirs. If you’re a DK, Shaman or Priest you have your water walking built right in. I found water walking a lot easier than having to stick to land. It also helped me angle myself if the glare from the water made it difficult to see the pools.

Now here’s where being a Hunter has some perks:

3.) Aspect of the Cheetah. Kind of a gimmie for quick dashes between pools.

4.)  Learn to Eagle Eye. I found out that traveling to pools eats up time, especially if there is more than one person fishing from it. With Eagle Eye I can hop around scouting my next place without having to backtrack much. Shamans have a very similar Eagle Eye spell too while Warlocks can probably Eye of Killrog.

5.) If you’re an engineer – rocket boots for the win!! Even if you throw this enchant on a crummy pair of boots the speed boost is super nice if you see a fishing hole in the distance.

6.) Tastyfish macro. This allowed me to keep easy track of the fish I caught.

#showtooltip Speckled Tastyfish

7.) Make sure your Auto-loot is on. The faster you can loot that fish, the faster you can get your line back in the water.

8.) Check your politeness at the door. During the contest it’s every man for themselves, don’t be afraid to be a little aggressive and fish from someone’s pool.  The only time I would leave a fished at pool alone if there was more than two people there. Outside the contest if someone was fishing at a pool I always leave it all to them and move to an open one.

8.) Pay attention to pool spawns. Sometimes you’ll find a pool of fish that is cut off by the terrain. Don’t even waste your time trying to pull fish from it.

9.) If you are a hardcore fisherman and REALLY want to win, keep a journal. Seriously. I have notes jotted of tactics that worked, didn’t work, where I found the most competition, places where I fished, how long into the contest when a winner was announced, and I even sent tells to the winners to ask where about they were fishing. This helped me to plan out my attack and where I would fish.

10.) Persistence and Luck. Don’t get down on yourself if you don’t win right away. Keep track of what you did wrong and what you did right and what you will change the next time. Keep at it and you’re bound to win. I did it.  ^_^