A few weeks back I ran into a Hunter looking for a weapon which could be crafted by an Engineer. I was feeling generous so I lent out my craft up only to learn the gun they wanted was BoP. /facepalm

I understood this hunter was in search of a ranged weapon upgrade so I offered a few suggestions of quested and dropped weapons at their level. They were very thankful for the help and he even paid me for my troubles of crafting the gun that was BoP.

A week goes by and I get a tell from this same hunter asking for help. He claimed his DPS was incredibly low and wanted to know what he could do to boost it.  I asked what his spec was and he told me that he had an SV raiding spec and his average dps was between 1800-2000.

Whoa.. I knew something wasn’t right there. The first thing I asked was about his gear. He told me that he was wearing mostly blues and purples but he hadn’t enchanted anything yet since he was planned to upgrade everything. Hrmm..okay, I then moved on to my next question: shot priority and rotation. I consulted with my guild’s SV hunters on the proper priority. I relayed the shot priority/rotation to the hunter.

Rapid Fire > Kill Shot > Black Arrow > Serpent Sting > Aimed Shot > Steady Shot (filler)

He told me he didn’t have Aimed Shot trained. /raises eyebrow

Then asked if I would follow him to a training dummy to watch his shot rotation. I don’t know about you but I can barely differentiate the shots just by watching, so I offered to check him out on the Armory.

His Armory page explained a lot! First off his hit wasn’t capped. Luckily he was a Draenei so he has the 1% hit racial build in, but he still could use a little more.  I wasn’t sure where he found his SV spec and I suggested he take 1 point of Imp Hawk and place it into Focused Aim. He could also benefit from taking the other point from Imp Hawk and placing it into Aimed Shot.

This hunter’s gear was fairly decent for a newly ding-ed 80, but he had way too many open gem slots and zero enchants. Even if you throw in green gems and lowbie enchants it’s much better than having them open. These days people will Armory you in a heartbeat or ask about your Gear Score. If you don’t meet their standards you won’t get a group which means no gear upgrades. I suggested to the hunter he may want to reconsider his option not to gem/enchant his gear for this reason. This also means he should focus on rep with the factions which will give him the needed head and shoulder enchants. ** The Head/Shoulders enchant will change to Bind on Account Enchants in 3.3.

The final suggestion I had for him was to run Normal 5 ToC and Heroic 5 ToC as much as he could. There is a lot of great Hunter gear which will give you the edge one needs for the 10 man ToC.

I emailed the list of fixes to the Hunter and that was the last that I heard from him.

Since then I’ve been finding “huntards” all over the place. There was the one in my N 5ToC pug who took a 2h Weapon for the strength. The group asked him ‘why’ and he explained, “Strength is good, just not as good as Agility.” Some of my guildies found a hunter through a pug who’s spec was 0/67/0 , while another one had grouped with completely different Hunter who’s overall dps was 800.

I’m not making this post to pick on people, this is more of a PSA. Playing a Hunter may be easy but it takes time to learn and understand. There are plenty of Hunter Blogs and Hunter Forums (not the Official World of Warcraft ones) with many knowledgeable people who are ready and willing to help a fellow Hunter out. Use them, learn from them and grow.

Happy Hunting!