TotGC10But it took us a few weeks. /giggle

This past Sunday marked a big step for our guild, the defeat of Anub’arak in 10-man Heroic ToC.  Though there had been a select few that progressed to this point over the last two weeks, this was my first progression past the Faction Champions.

I did plenty of research on the fight and even switched a few glyphs around which I thought would help. However, I was not asked to AoE but rather straight DPS the boss and adds. My other job was frost sphere placement. Not a difficult job but an important one since in Heroic Mode you only have 6 spheres total.

We ended up tanking Anub by the gold circle in the North-end of the room where he stands. There’s a sphere that floats right above that spot which allows for perfect placement to tank the two adds that eventually spawn in phase 1. Keeping these adds close to Anub allows the AoE to hit all three mobs.

When Anub hit phase two, it was my duty to head toward the entrance area of the room to shoot down another frost orb. The rest of the raid hung out by the first frost patch until Anub picked his victim to chase.  The pursue-ee would head (kite) toward that ice patch I just placed. It was important for this person not to run over the ice for it’s slowing and damage effect, but to run around the ice and stand directly behind it. Key note for Hunters on Frost Sphere duty, when shooting at ice make sure to stand off to the side and shoot. A few times I ran toward the ice while I shot at it. The sphere fell fast and would often land on top of me. Not a smart move on my part. Sometimes I need a bit of a learning curve too.

We also had a few unlucky “bugs” if you will. The major one happened when Anub burrowed at 28% health. We aren’t sure why he did, but it really messed up the flow and we wiped shortly after. Each of us made some silly mistakes like, missing ice, taunting the wrong mob or fading when pursued. Pro-tip: Don’t Fade, Feign Death or Ice Block when you are chased by Anub. It bugs him and he’ll target someone at random which he’ll quickly destroy.

Eventually we had Anub down to 5% before we wiped and we knew that our group was close to downing him. Though it was sketchy toward the end, especially when 4 adds were up, we managed to defeat Anub with 3 people standing and 28 attempts remaining.

Loot Karma was in my favor after what happened with the gun earlier in the week. After all the rezzes went out, a guildie sent me a tell, “Hey! Baelgun’s Heavy Crossbow dropped. Grats!!” It wasn’t mine by default. I still had to bid DKP and pray that the same Warrior who outbid me 3 days ago didn’t do the same thing.  I have a feeling he received a lot of “don’t you dare” tells. Thankfully he didn’t and I won the crossbow! :3 But he did ask, in a snobby, condescending tone, if the gun he c-blocked from me was still better than the crossbow wise. I wasn’t going to lie, so I told him that my spreadsheet says that the gun is still the better upgrade, but only by 5dps. Good thing I’m not a total min/max-er.