First off, I hate LEVELING!! Not so much the 80-85 that faces us in the near future, but leveling alts. Sure, Blizzard has tried to make this less of a grind with Refer-A-Friend and Artifacts that can grant up to 20% exp gains. On top of that, when one logs out at an Inn they soak up a Rested XP bonus. Still, leveling up another toon (especially at level 1) always depresses me. 80 levels seem so far, I don’t know how people do it.

As a Hunter, sometimes leveling never ends even at cap – yes I’m talking about pet leveling. Recently, I tamed a Crab to PvP with but I have 5 levels that require grinding. /groan

no more levels

Now, I have done some google searches and some people claim Icecrown is the best place to level a pet, or to run heroics. Garwulf over at suggests to grind those last 5 levels over at Fjorn’s Anvil in Storm Peaks. As he points out, you have to quest for the Sons of Hodir before that area is open. While the spawns are quick and frequent, on my server that area is heavily camped by people farming for Relics of Uldar and Crystallized Fire. This makes it difficult for the Hunter who just wants to grind his pet as fast as possible.

I’ll admit, this morning I was moaning in my guild’s hunter chat how I hate leveling pets. We came up with some great ideas how Blizzard can make this less of a grind:

  1. Give hunters a quested item that will grant a bonus to pet experience
  2. Create a new Minor Glyph for pet experience gain
  3. Allow a special xp food buff which can be given to pets
  4. Create a special pet talent. Of course one would only pick it up to level and then spec out of it when capped
  5. Give pets rested xp for being stabled
  6. New Hunter spell at level 80 which allows any animal tamed to be level 80.

Now before you give me your “back in my day…” yes, I remember (and did) level pets from 20 up to 70. It was a breath of fresh air when Blizzard changed this archaic leveling system to what is is now. Allowing for any low level pet to have it’s level automatically jump to 5 levels lower than you is great but we still must take the time to grind out the last few levels. I don’t feel that any of the suggestions above are overpowered or tremendously game changing. 3.3 seems to be the new “pet love” patch, so why not throw us a leveling bone. I’m not asking for a pony.