This T-shirt caught my attention on the flash intro of  WoW’s login screen. It was too small for me to see at first but I had to be that it wasn’t my imagination. Upon clicking the ad, I realized my first glance was correct. A “Three Worgen” T-shirt.

Three Worgen

A great parody T-shirt of the internet sensation, “Three Wolves” T-shirt that was featured on Amazon. For those unfamiliar with the Three Wolves – your life has been incomplete, until now. It all began with a comment about a simple T-shirt which had three wolves howling at the moon. The popularity of this caught on like wild fire and soon it was a viral sensation on the internet. Comments like, “my member grew three inches…one for each wolf” or “you don’t put this shirt on your torso, you put it on your soul” had people clambering to read on or make their own ridiculous comment. I only wish I could link those comments for you all to read, but I’ve had no such luck.

Now Jinx has found their own way onto the Three Wolves Bandwagon with a little bit of Warcraft flavor. Well done!