OnyI raided Onyxia back in the day where it took 40 people to defeat her. Those nights were pretty intense. Forty players all huddled at the the end of the trash tunnel, watching the majestic dragon slumber. Our raid leader would call the charge and our Main Tank would charge in to start the fight. “Wait for 3 Sunders before you DPS,” “Get ready for whelps, DPS THEM DOWN NOW,”  “Deep Breath – Get your @$$ to the wall, ” Oh for F***’s SAKE!!? Give me more dots!!” My old guild had pretty colorful leadership, wouldn’t you say? I even remember the first night we killed her. There was much celebration over Ventrillo.

Such a fun fight.

Fast foward 5 years and we get to face her again, this time she has more hit points, deep breaths and more whelps. But the mechanics are still the same: Move out of deep breaths, watch for fears, kill the whelps.. and of course MORE DOTS!!!

The first week of her release I was unable to run with my guild since my family was in town. I tried to run pug the instance but the only thing that came from that was a hefty repair bill.  The following week it was guild time, and we easily defeated her in both the 25man and 10man. I even snagged an old friend, Dragonstalker’s Helm. Now if only, ONLY I’m lucky enough to see the mount drop. /dreams

Lets go Murkimus