ramHere I thought there were only 2 dailies I could do during Brewfest but no there’s one more! I learned about this hidden daily from Turpster’s video on WoW.com. The reason I overlooked this daily since this NPC doesn’t have a “!” above his head. I figure that I would share this with you all just in case you were unaware like myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

First look for Niel Ramstein after you have completed the quest, There and Back Again. He’ll allow you to repeat this task which requires one to pick up as many barrels as you can from Kharanosย  and deliver them to the Brewfest tents in 5 min. For each barrel returned you can get 2 Brewfest Tickets and a small boost to your 5 min timer. The trick is to run at full gallop and to make sure you ride over the apple buckets to reset your ram (or kodo’s) exhaustion timer. The easiest apple buckets to run by are located at (47.49) & (47.45). If you don’t use cords mount up before you accept this task and ride along the path between the Brewfest tents and Kharanos. You’ll spot the buckets just east of the road.

Ram Racing does take a little practice but once you master it I hear you can pick up to 60 extra tickets! So far I’ve managed to snag 24 in one session. The other benefit to this Brewfest task is it doesn’t act like a daily. The reset timer is about 18 hours so no need to worry if you think you may be short on Brewfest Tickets.

Here’s to hoping I can get my Violet Proto Drake a little earlier.ย  /cheers