My progression posts on the new 25-man instance has been lacking since the release. However, I am proud to say that<Armored Justice> has cleared through the normal 25-man Trials to unlock heroic 25-man. Our progression was fairly smooth though I don’t care for the faction champions so much. That Horde Hunter hits Hard.

I won’t give any spoilers, yet, in case some people have yet to experience the new dungeon, but my favorite bosses are the Northrend Beasts, Val’kyr Twins and Anub’arak.

I’ve also been quite lucky in the gear upgrade department recently. So far I’ve picked up new boots, belt, bracers and a necklace from the 10-man Trials. Not a bad start in the preparation for Icecrown Citadel.

Next week my guild has every intention of working on Heroic Mode. While I see us running both difficulties I hope that we make good progression through Heroic. I’ve heard that the bosses in Heroic don’t do anything different encounter wise other than the added HP and Damage output. This will be an interesting for us all if you consider the fact that <A.J.> normally won’t focus strictly on heroic challenges. Obviously the gear in Heroic will be slightly better than Normal, thankfully not game altering, but I will keep my fingers crossed and my DKP high for this sexy gun.