This was a difficult decision, but I knew I could only keep one.

I remember taming Loque’nahak like it was yesterday. For weeks I searched for him. The competition was heavy with Hunters from both factions and those who wanted to destroy Loque just to make us Hunters cry. During my search, I befriended a few Hunters in order to have accurate spawn timers. We constantly kept in touch via tells and letters with any clue when Loque might show up next.

It was that one night, or morning, when I found him. I was flying spawn circuits in Sholazar Basin while collecting any and all Steam Clouds. In my 24 hour camp arsenal there was plenty of Mountain Dew and Popcorn to keep me alert. With my target macro handy, I was on the West-Side sweep of Sholazar when I heard that familiar “whoosh” of a successful target. I looked up and there was Loque in all his mysterious glory. Quickly I scanned my mini-map in order to pick him out of the mass of yellow and red dots. Once I zoned in on his location I quickly dismounted and began my tame. Forget tagging, forget  the ice trap – I had to make him mine asap.

I scrambled for the Tame Beast button and my hands were trembling with excitement (or maybe it was from the Mountain Dew) while I watched in disbelief that I actually found Loque. All those weeks of research, hunting and camping paid off.

Loque and I had some good dungeon runs together and we tore up Naxx 25, until the great BM nerf of ’09. I decided to spec Marks and since then Loque has spent many quiet and peaceful nights in the stables.

With the introduction of Skoll in 3.2 I had to make him mine, after I am more of a dog fan than a cat fan. I planned my strategy, prepared all my provisions. However, all that prep time was not needed. It was as if Skoll wanted me to find him. Just when I least expect, there he was – waiting for me. Once Skoll was mine, I knew there was only room for one exotic pet in my stables. It was hard to say goodbye after all the time and effort I put into find Loque, but it was for the best. I returned to Sholazar Basin and returned him to the spot where I found him.


While we all hope and pray for the day Beastmastery becomes the powerhouse raid spec it once was, I find myself soloing a little more as a Beastmaster again. I love my Big, Blue Wolf but I will never forget the fun times I had with my first Blue Laser Pixel Kitty.