I fully immersed myself into this recent patch, hence the lack of updates. There has been so much new content and I can’t stop myself from exploring it all.

SkollFirst off was my tame of Skoll. I am still surprised that I found him when I did. Plus it was a server first. Woot.  Since my tame, I have met 3 other hunters who have successfully tamed Skoll and many other hunters who are still on the look out for him. Best of luck to them all.

I’ve received TONS of tells of people asking where I got my pet or where they can find him. A common mistake is a lot of people assume he’s a wolf pet rather than a Spirit Beast. They laugh when I tell them he can prowl like a cat, but seriously Blizzard – take away prowl and give him Furious Howl. Or revamp the Spirit Beasts so they have their own focus dump skills/buffs/debuffs.

Since I had such a gorgeous pet, I decided to give Beastmastery another try. I’ve done a few instances and a few raids as BM and I’m quite surprised by the damage I’ve put out. The DPS is still a bit low compared to Marks and Survival, but it’s nice to see this spec on it’s way up. I believe that tweaks need to be made with BM before it’s on-par. Whether it’s a signature shot like Ghostcrawler mentioned or a tweek to talents in the deep in the tree. My vote, still, let BM Hunters control two pets: 2 normal or 1 exotic/1 normal. Overpowered? Perhaps but I don’t care. You’re a Beastmaster Hunter for a reason, I think one would be able to handle 2 pets.

Another goody 3.2 has brought was the new Trial of the Crusader 5 man instance. If you’re not up for the Heroic version, normal is a great way to farm Abysal Shards (which has also lowered the price on the Auction House) and to gear up any alts you may have. The drops in both instances are very nice. The Heroic version also allows one to collect Champion Badges which is a  nice bonus f you have your eyes on some of the new Argent Tournament Mounts or even Bind on Account Gear.


Some of you may not know that I’m also an avid pet collector. Yes, yes – my dirty little secret. So, of course, I’ve been on a non-stop farm session of the new Raptor (or Reptar as I call them) Hatchlings. Pand..er…Shamwowz and I have been on the hunt since they came out. The first Hatchling I found was dropped from Takk the Leaper, who Sham suggested we check out on our way to Wailing Caverns. To our surprise he was up. Since then (with a little luck) I collected the WC, Wetlands and Dustwallow Marsh Raptor. The Gundrak Raptor wasn’t too bad, I estimate that I spent about 4 hours of farming, but not consecutively. The Zul’Gurub Raptor, and it’s 1-100 drop rate, made me want to pull out my hair. I must have ran the instance at least 20 times and finally had one drop last night.  Though all that time spent inside ZG was not a complete waste. I reached exalted with the Zandalar Tribe, and Sham and I were lucky to see the Tiger Mount drop. Congrats Sham. 😀


Out of the 8 Hatchlings, I have one more to go and it’s probably the worst one on the worst timer – the Ungoro Rare Spawn, Ravasaur Matron. /sigh

As for the guild, Armored Justice has successfully downed the first two trials in the new 25-man instance, Crusader’s Collseum. If you have yet to try this instance, it is a lot of fun. Zero trash, boss after boss and nice loot. What I find interesting with this instance is how they introduce the bosses. Rather than throw all of them at us Blizzard has decided to release a new boss (or trial) each week up to 5 weeks. Pretty clever and in th mean time we can still raid Ulduar and continue to upgrade gear. Which I happened to snag my 4pc T8.5 bonus. /flex

We eagrly await for next tuesday’s next trial of the Faction Champions.

What about this recent patch have you enjoyed or hated so far? Can you believe that 3.2.2 is already on the PTRs? I have two words for you: Onyxia Mount! Go check it out!!