With the 3.2 patch release fresh as ever, I began to plot out my hunt for Skoll. This weekend was to be the perfect time for me to stock up on Mountain Dew and Popcorn while I camped and searched for the new Spirit Beast. But that’s not to say I didn’t check out his spawn points when I had the chance.

With the madness of a new patch not only do we welcome all the new goodies but we get an extra bonus of server crashes, world crashes, zone crashes and insane lag.

As for myself, other than hunting Skoll I had some other plans on my mind. I picked up the new Raptor Pet from Breanni in Dalaran, I ran the new Call of the Crusader instance, found Takk the Leaper when roaming the Barrens with Shamz. Plus, I even did the Daily Heroic in hopes of getting my first of many T9 badges, but silly me forgot to loot the mob. >.> I thought only 1 person had to loot it for everyone to get it.

It was getting late and I was struggling through all the DCs due to server lag. My goal was to finish all the Argent Dailies before the daily reset but I wasn’t so lucky.  Before I logged I figured that I would swing by Skoll’s spawn point above Brunhildarr Village and camp there for the night. Even though I had a /target Skoll macro, which I was spamming, I tend to trust my tracker map more. As I got closer to my location I moused over the yellow dots: Rhino, Rhino, Rhino..whaa? I see it on my map, SKOLL!!


I quickly flew down and there is not a person in sight. Unfortunately for me, I was low on mana from my talent swap. /facepalm Ugh!! I threw down a trap, switched into Viper and began to drink. As soon as I had enough mana back, I swiftly began my tame.


Seconds felt like minutes as I watched my channeling bar tick down. I was filled with excitement as I kept a vigil eye open for any one who may want to gank my lovely, soon-to-be, pet. Finally with the sound of a gong and a bright flash of light, Skoll was mine. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.


I’ll probably mess around with the Beastmaster spec for a few days, maybe even try it out on a few bosses in 25 man Ulduar. I highly doubt that BM will put up the same numbers that I can do with Marks, but what good is having a cool pet like this if I can’t have a little fun?