Finally! After 5 weeks of clears to Yogg-Saron <Armored Justice> finally defeats him.

It was a long night. We were all frustrated and hungry for the kill. It was getting close to 11pm and all had agreed this was going to be our last attempt for the night. Everything clicked, even with the crazy hiccups.The GM/Raid Leader of summed up the fight the best. Here are his words:

It’d been a long slog since we took down General Vezax. And the first Sunday in August marked our fourth foray onto the great Brain that stood at the epicenter of the descent into Madness.

Assuredly, we’d seen improvement- chucking nearly 1.5 evenings on phase 1, and another 1.5 on phase 2- before, last week, coming up exactly 3% short, consistently, on phase 2.

We knew we couldn’t go 4 portals- that we HAD to do it in 3, otherwise either the foliage would overwhelm us, or the back-ended enrage timer would catch us.

We also knew we were desperately short of knowledge, of face time, on phase 3.

But we had a feeling- a chance to clear the zone- this sultry evening. But our first steps were assuredly steps backwards- we popped clouds like House downing Vicodin, bringing adds down upon us like an FBI raid on John Dillinger’s posse.

But we continued. And we wiped.

We wiped in phase 1.
We wiped in phase 2.
We wiped in phase 3.

We wiped by spawned adds. We wiped by heal fail. We wiped by tank fail. We wiped by mind controls- including 2 scenarios where people DCd in phase 1 and came ‘back’ mind-controlled (sweet!). We wiped when Off-tanks were constricted and died. We wiped at 11%. At 14%. At 19%. at 28%.

Over and over and over again. We had called wipes, turd wipes, unlucky wipes and great wipes.

We were, in short, a most-excellent wipe machine. Patentable. Sellable. “Shamwipe” comes to mind.

And, all the while, tempers flared, and abated. Villains appeared, and altered their guise: from clouds to connections; from dps to heals; from movement, to the lack thereof.

Until, at 11:01pm CDT, Fearocity had to step out due to family obligations, and Therapy stepped in. “Last call” was made.

This was it for our 18th attempt. That’s ten plus eight. It was already Monday for our East Coasters.

Mythran and Ruytoo begin the dance. Alternating Guardians. Par for the course of the raid, Krystil disconnects. Gizmoduck fills her spot, coupled with Stara and Senile as a Finishers. The raid holds its breath for another Mind-Controlled phase 1 victim?

NO. Krystil Perhaps lady fortune has shown down upon us?[/i]
One. Two. Three…. and then Eight adds are downed.
Phase 1? clean.

Phase 2.
Gizmoduck is the assist for the Crusher-killers. Meanwhile, Glasshadow, Boogabrain, Stara, Wulf, Shamwowz, Dizfigure, Kamenwati, Durendal, Palatinus and myself are the portal crew… only…
as the first portal nears, Wulf disconnect-o-lags and Ruytoo, exhibiting prescience steps into the Portal crew… Excellent!

Except Wulf has returned! In the Portal…. so there is no native healer… Oh Noes! She has 7 seconds to leave the Brain….. and she’s not Mind Controlled….

Up top, the adds go down steadily- with Therapy, Beka, Senile, Darion and Natashaa dispelling, decursing, cleansing and healing. Remember the cheetah and the antelope! Don’t be the antelope! Stay with the pack….
And… just like that… Phase 2 is over… and Phase 3 will begin…

Collapse on Mythran…. Beka and myself, Therapy and Darion… keep those Tanks alive. Natashaa and Senile, spray the heals. Everyone dispel. Decurse.
Wulf and Stara… misdirect or kite. DPS but don’t pull. (And keep an eye on Kiba, of course)

Meanwhile, from our ranged DPS- find your cadence. We have 6:30 minutes. And, oh yes, by the way, Accendere and Mordea, Flanger and Shmerlin, Krystil and Gizmoduck, Halotrel and Tondodino? The raid now rests in your capable hands…

Everyone watch your sanity….

And so the dance began again. 12-seconds on. Pivot from the lunatic gaze… Over and Over…
From 5 minutes… to 4…

And then were at 11%…. then 10% (a guild best)…
to 3…
to 1…

ALL DPS TO THE BRAIN….. Bathe the Tanks with Heals……

And like that… with 25 people standing. with 2 people DC’d (and returned)… with dispels issued. and curses cleared. and DPS delivered- in burst, in focus, on cadence. With Tanking done by rotation. With tanking done by snap. And with a scaling requirement of healing….

Yogg-Saron. Dead.

8 9 10 11 12 bosses down; Ulduar-25, excluding Algalon, cleared.

Down the line comes the Trial of the Crusader, and now, on the horizon, Ice Crown.

Be the hero.