grindsmygearsFor the last four weeks my guild has been stuck at Yogg-Saron. Not that the encounter is impossible or we are trying for a hard mode attempt. To put it simply, we still need better gear.

We have phase 1 down pat, our DPS could not be any better. Sure we still bump a cloud here and there but for the most part everyone looks out for each other. Phase 2, the tricky part. I am on the team who goes down into the belly of the beast to whack on its brain. This is where the we fall short. After we zone into the portals take a few smacks on Yoggy’s Noggin, on average, we are 3% behind in DPS. This means we must enter a 4th time and Yogg spawns more tentacles which quickly over whelms the DPS outside the brain AND it drains valuable time needed for Phase 3.

I’m not afraid to admit that I am one of these DPSers who could use better gear.  I seem to do fine for most of the boss encounters, but a few pieces of good Hunter gear would be a nice boost. This brings us to last night.

We are cruising through Ulduar. We get to Mimron and he drops a Protector Token. Everyone in the raid already has their T8.5 gloves and I think, “finally – the upgrade to the gloves.” I put in my bid, Pandas (who is now an Enhance Shammy) bows out of the DKP bid wars so I can have the upgrade. /hug

As I put my hand out to receive what I believe is mine, the token goes to our DPS warrior.  Why? Because he wanted gloves for his tanking set. /glare

Really, how much time does he tank? Oh maybe we we need him to tank the Snaplasher during Freya -maybe a quick off-tank here or there. But does that require an upgraded set of tanking gloves? How often do I DPS? Who gets yelled at the most to push more “pew-pew?” Certainly not the tanks.

Gee Mr. Raid Leader. I’d love too give you more DPS, but you see that Warrior over there? Yes, that one…not tanking. Notice the gloves in his bag that he HARDLY USES and probably didn’t need that bad? Those should have been mine. Take it up with him.  I hope that extra +42 Stamina really works out when we fall short on DPS again.

That really grinds my gears.

Luckily Freya and Hodir decided to jump on the Protector bandwagon and drop double tokens. I lost out on the pants but Shambear and I were lucky to get our T8.5 Chest badge. Still, new gloves would have been super nice.