No this isn’t a joke and I know it’s not April Fool’s. MMO-Champion claims to know the next playable races for the next expansion: Goblins and Worgens. They discovered two new “race” Hallow’s End masks in the PTR files of Male/Female Goblins and Male/Female Worgen.


I find this interesting on a few levels. First if we look at the current Hallow’s End Masks in game they are of each playable race and both genders. Following this set up I could see that this would make sense. I feel that Goblins and Worgens fall into a Hallow’s End theme. It would be no different if they found a bat mask or a witch mask.

The Worgen and Goblins DO fit into the lore of the game but if Goblin’s take a side will this make places like Booty Bay and Rachett unaccessable for the opposing faction? Will they remain neutral?

If these aren’t new races for the next expansion, which hasn’t officially been announced yet, why go to the trouble to create a female worgen mask? Why not make it a witch or even a skeleton?

I also noticed a forum post saying, “The nerf to the Worgen Pet makes sense now.” Honestly all Hunter’s know, deep down in your soul, that the taming of the Worgen was a bug and it IS a humanoid and it should have never been allowed. The novelty was fun and I tried it for the challenge, but I’m glad Blizzard made the “nerf” to the pet the way they did.

Personally, I feel that this claim is nothing more than bait to get Blizzard to talk a little. With Blizzcon only 5 weeks away, I would be very surprised if they told us anything. After all they need to keep some big news to set the crowd “all a buzz.”

Feel free to read MMO-Champion’s post about the new classes at this link. What are your thoughts on this? You’re more than welcome leave your comment here and/or on MMO’s forums.