yoggTwo weeks ago I was a part of <Armored Justice’s> first Yogg-Saron attempt. The fight has 3 stages and we successfully completed the first stage and came close to working out the second stage.  I will say that it’s a pretty mana intensive fight as a Marks Hunter. I even attempted to Viper Sting Sara with no luck. You can target and shoot her, but she is immune to the mana drain effect. Darn.

Toward our last attempt on the fight, I was chosen to follow the melee DPS through the dream stages of Yogg. I was able to provide them that extra Attack Power and a boost of DPS they needed. If only it wasn’t so late in the evening, I’m sure we would have managed to get Yogg to stage three.

The dream stages are pretty strange to say the least. I’m still watching videos and reading the strats just in case I’m chosen again to go through. <Armored Justice> had their second Yogg-Saron attemp this past Sunday as well. Since I was out of town, I was not able to particiapte. And from the lack of posts on the our guild’s forums, it doesn’t sound like they took him down last Sunday either. Let’s hope that the thrid time is the charm.