Are you interested in taming the Garwal yet? Have you seen hunters on your server with him in tow? I have, and I’m one of them.


If you’re still interested in taming Garwal you’re going to need a few things: patience and luck. I say this because no matter how many blogs you visit or forum posts you read there isn’t an exact science to this. The only information I can share is you must have him tamed at the precise time he morphs into the worgen.  I wigged around percentages and casting times and what finally worked for me was to unarmed-melee his health down to 51%, then I disengaged from him. Next I fired Wyvern Sting. I waited for it to tick to 14 seconds left then I began my tame.

One person asked, “why can’t I frost trap him?”  As I found out, Wyvern Sting does damage AFTER the sleep effect wears off. and that damage is to help him transform at that key time in the tame.

Now there is one other key factor to this. You cannot tame him if you completed the quest, Alpha Worg. The questline requres you to have the buff, Eyes of the Eagle, which, as the tool tip says, allow you to see Garwal. No buff = no Garwal.

I managed to tame this bad boy yesterday. It took me about 5-6 tries to figure out which strat worked best and it was nice to see other hunters, Horde and Alliance, taking turns trying to tame Garwal. The more I look at him the more I’m in awe. How can Blizzard not nerf this guy? Will they really let us keep a humanoid form? And the fact that the worgen form will revert back to the saberworg skin upon entering into arena with him only confirms this is a pretty big bug. It’s sad but I feel there will be a hotfix on Tuesday . As of today, Blizzard has released no statement on the Worgen pet, but I think the reason is the extended Holiday most of us had this weekend.