worgHave you all heard about the Worgen pet? It’s the hot new buzz in the Hunter community.

When I first heard about this unusual tame, I was intrigued but quickly became disillusioned when I heard the many failed attempts at this creature. I began to think the original person who tamed the worgen may have used some type of illegal hack. But it’s not!! The more and more people began to talk about this rarity the hotter and hotter it became. Leave it to a few clever hunters to crack the mystery and actually show us how to tame this beautiful wolf-esc creature.

Garwulf over at Huntman’s Lodge even provides a great taming video.

Now that we know this Worgen is tamable, I think I may give a crack at taming this guy. Whether I keep him around or not  I haven’t decided, but I probably will toy around with the novelty of it. Also keep in mind that Blizzard has yet to post any blue remarks of this recent ‘bug’ in the game. It’s unknown if they’ll let hunters keep him or swap him out with the white saberworg model. However, if we look at the track record of unusual pets (Ghost Wolf, Hydra, Slime) I’m going to take a stab on this and say there’s a good chance that he’ll be a keeper.