genArmored Justice vs General Vezax. It took us all night and two mob trash removals but we did it!

From a Hunter’s point of view, it’s not a Hunter-friendly fight. At the start, everyone is hit with a debuff called Aura of Despair. Wonderful isn’t it? Especially since the Marksman Tree seems to have mana issues without this debuff.

Aspect of the Viper will work but Viper Sting won’t, General Vezax has no mana. So what did I do? I juggled between Hawk and Viper when possible. There is another option to regen your mana via Saronite Vapors. These are little green whips that float around during the encounter. When killed it places a green pool on the ground which you can stand in but there’s a cost. For each stack of Saronite Vapor you gain you sacrifice your health.

1 Stack 100 mana 200 Damage
2 Stacks 200 mana 400 Damage
3 Stacks 400 mana 800 Damage
4 Stacks 800 mana 1,600 Damage
5 Stacks 1,600 mana 3,200 Damage
6 Stacks 3,200 mana 6,400 Damage
7 Stacks 6,400 mana 12,800 Damage
8 Stacks 12,800 mana 25,600 Damage
No known limit.

Of course, for the sake of the raid, we had a mana priority. Healers > Casters > Hunters.  Sometimes you have to take one for the team.  I’m sure once my guild becomes more comfortable with the fight the strategies will change. I hope to figure this fight out too so I can give you all nice write up on how to successfully DPS General Vezax as a Marksman Hunter. Unless someone else has done so, please point me to them. : ) I would love to learn.