mimSunday evening Armored Justice takes down Mimironas planned! Woo hoo!!

Our raid happened to be a short night which is always nice bonus. We started off with Ignis and then decided to take Mimiron. His circuits were shorted on third attempt. After that we returned back to front of the instance for Razorscale and finished Ulduar week with the Iron Council. By then it was about 9:30pm and it was decided to run a quick Vault of Archavon before we called it a night.

After a great night of raiding, I sat in Dalaran enjoying a chat with friends when I figured I’d take a look at my Recount Meters. I was pleasantly surprised!  The top three DPS-ers for the evening was all three Hunters. A smile crept along my face as I shared my meters with my fellow raid Hunters. The comment made by one of them was, “Wow..Wulf you did really good DPS this evening. It almost makes me want to try out Marks.” There’s always room in the Marksman pool for more.  ^_~

Sunday night also marked an achievment in my Uldar raid career. I finally had enough Emblems of Conquest to pick up my first piece of T8 gear, Valorous Scourgestalker Headpiece. I figured helm over chest since I can still recieve my T7 2 piece bonus. Kiba likes his damage boost.

I also had the chance to try out my new/old set of Glyphs: Serpent/Chimera/Aimed. As I said before, this set up helps the rotation feel very smooth and it allows me to fire more Aimed and Chimera Shots faster and frequent. This also means more damage, more crits from the two shots and more rolling DPS from Piercing Shots. Now I don’t have the numbers and all the mathmatical hoo-ha that goes along with dps testing – I’m an artist not a mathmatician. I will say the only issue I did notice is mana efficiency. It didn’t completly drain me and there was no need to run with Viper up 50% of the time. Thankfully I’ve learned the art of “Viper Sting plus Chimera Shot” to help gain mana back. Just remeber when you use Viper you lose the effect of Serpent Sting which, in my experience, seems a little better than halving your DPS when you switch to Aspect of the Viper.

My suggestion to those lost may be lost in dark when it comes to Marksman Glyphs:

– if you have weak Mana Regen: Serpent / Steady / Kill Shot

– if your Mana Regen is decent: Serpent / Chimera / Kill Shot

– if you rarely worry about Mana: Serpent / Chimera / Kill Shot

Keep in mind this isn’t Gospel. This is based off my personal experience and what I have found works best for me. Gear, group composition and raid size all have factors in DPS and Mana Regen overall. Plus you may have better luck with an entire different group of Glyphs.  I more than welcome comments and suggestions on which Glyphs you have/are in your lineup.