For realz! The Midsummer Festival is upon us. Go have fun!! Honor your faction’s fires and desecrate your enemies flames. Collect Burning Blossoms for wonderful pets and prizes, and don’t forget your Achievements!!

Last year Pandas and I did our Horde City Desecration so there was no need for me to venture into their cities, however I noticed any fire I visited/destroyed last year I could not revisit. Initially this bummed me out because I still needed the Shoulders for the Burning Hot Pole Dance Achievement but I also wanted the Captured Flame pet. Since I was only allowed to collect Burning Blossom from fires I have yet to visit and the dailies only give 10 total, I was going to be short for the pet.

Since I’m going for What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been, I felt the shoulders trump the pet and I would go for my Captured Flame next year. Until I remembered the refund system!!! Heck Yeah!! I picked up my shoulders, danced at the pole for 60 seconds and returned them to the vendor for my 100 Burning Blossom refund. After tonight’s raid I’ll finish up my Kalimdor Flame visits and I’ll have a new Captured Flame pet to add to my always growing pet collection.

Now if only Ahune will give up the Scorchling pet. I must set critters on fire!! Best of luck to all your Midsummer Festivities.