I was able to test out my second Marksman spec on our raid last night. This second spec requires another Marks hunter who’s running Trueshot Aura or even a Death Knight or Shaman who can provide the raid with the 5% Attack Power buff. It also helps if the second Marks Hunter has 3/3 Imp Hunter’s Mark, but last night they hardly threw it up.  – 3 –

What makes this spec unique is the lack of Trueshot Aura and Imp. Hunter’s Mark. Instead, those four points are placed into 3/3 Improved Barrage and 2/3 Improved Steady Shot in order to bump the damage from Piercing Shots. I can say that I was pleased with the output. My piercing shots doubled the damage the other Marksman Hunter had and my overall raid DPS had me at second in damage. /flex

As for Glyphs, I ran with Chim/Serpent/Kill Shot. It wasn’t a horrible setup but I will change Chim for Steady. The quicker cooldown on Chimera made my rotation feel a bit chunky and swapping out that Glyph should give a smoother Serpent > Chimera > Aimed > Arcane > Steady x3.  Which, I hope, will yield more procs from Improved Steady Shot.

Our Ulduar raid went very well last night. We 1 shot Thorim and 2 Shot Freya and that allowed us to spend the rest of the raid on Mimiron. At first the strategy looked to be long and confusing, but after watching it in action, I admit, it was quite fun. If we had a few more tries in us I know we could have taken him down.

Mimiron, your days are numbered.